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Commission Painting — Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks 80"W x 50"H

Commission Painting — Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks 80"W x 50"H

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This is a custom order (commission) for original work painted by me in my main expressionist style of Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks within the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park.

Commission size: 80”W x 50”H
Materials: High-quality un-stretched canvas roll; acrylics and oils
Client direction: Client has provided exquisite direction based upon two of my previously sold paintings of Moraine Lake and The Valley of the Ten Peaks. I am including the finished draft based upon the client's direction, in this listing. The following outlines specific details of the client's vision for the painting.

  • 6 (six) peaks will be painted within this landscape.
  • There will be no trees appearing at the bottom right-hand corner of the painting (as seen in other similar paintings).
  • The sky is to be painted in happy and whimsical flow using mostly light yellow with light blue, pink, purple and white clouds near the top of the sky.
  • The lake is to be nice and bright with no dark shadows.
  • Two trees will appear on the left side of the painting — one larger and a smaller one beside it. This will symbolize the union and growth of both husband and wife. 

The finished commission size is 80"W x 50"H on an un-stretched canvas that the client will need to have professionally stretched on their end. In order for the printer to stretch the canvas to the requested size, I will include 2 extra painted inches on each side of the painting to allow the vendor to stretch the canvas onto a 2" gallery wrap frame.

Upon receipt of payment, please allow 3 to 4 business days for me to acquire all materials and 6 weeks for planning and production, plus delivery time.

Work back schedule: Once initial painting is complete, I will capture a photo of it in natural light and forward it to you for your review. This will be a good time to make smaller non-technical changes like colours and small additions if necessary. The reason I do not want to get too technical with changes is that it will start to change the intentions of my expressionism. Each commission piece is unique to itself.

* Painting will come un-stretched on a high-quality canvas roll

* Painting will include a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me, the artist

* Free Shipping/Delivery

* No exchanges or refunds on any commission art