Meet Char

"Art begins with an idea and lasts many lifetimes."
Char is a Canadian artist who thrives on the use of brilliant colours. Much of her collection includes landscapes and scenes of Alberta’s breathtaking Rocky Mountains and Calgary’s foothills area. She is an avid road and mountain bike rider so many of her scenes are from some of her favourite biking trails and routes. She is a big believer that the creative soul grows when it is truly nurtured.

In keeping with this belief, Char has been actively involved in the creative industry for over 20 years. Her journalism background has provided great opportunities for her ranging from graphic and web design, corporate communications and more recently, media designer at the Calgary Herald and Postmedia Works.

Her passion for art, interpretation and design has advanced her career towards a successful and gratifying fine arts enterprise using mostly acrylic medium.

Although Char has an extensive background in graphic design, when it comes to her painting she is self taught, inspired by the masters like the Group of Seven, Van Gogh, Monet and many of her artist friends.

Char’s art is primarily the result of a burning need to paint. She believes that her home was one of the biggest inspirations for her to begin her career as an artist. She calls this home her “Cabin in the Woods” which overlooks beautiful Douglas fir trees on a gorgeous nature reserve.

Something that started out as a past time for Char has now turned into a driving passion.

In addition to her art, Char is particularly proud of her family. She and her husband have raised two beautiful and equally creative children who now have exciting careers of their own. She feels extremely blessed that both children have married the loves of their lives. She is particularly proud of her beautiful granddaughters who are the lights of her life.

Char makes a conscious effort to spread light and love wherever she goes and you can tell this clearly through her paintings and the reactions of those who know and love her art.

Please come and share her journey.